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~ It is autumn.
Was long lingering summer heat also I finally Is the feeling stanza?
Now it is supposed to be serious typhoons than it is ^ o ^;
it even more Another great!
that is…

Ragweed !!!

Ragweed? Nanjai of it? Although I think many people you think that, spring in the allergy industry (Nanjai of it?) Is pollen, autumn as intense allergens ... called ragweed
especially out has a violent sneezing with ultra-allergy lasting ... house all together family It sounds when it is not feel the autumn.
But this year the differences ~ cormorant! !
In Why bought? Seo Re-is ...
- because I bought an air purifier! !

This Toyotomi AC-V20, anyway Atsumarichiri-ryoku-deodorizing power is not odd!
Allergens, including pollen of course, it would me suck all up to the smell of pet odor and cigarettes !!
to be able to care easy filter alone wash, how decades replacement unnecessary.
This only Even though profitable if there is a power, further honor student of compact size.
Since the design of natural color is also cute also glad not troubled with location ☆

Finally home to we have been doing it is also a quiet autumn (¯ ▽ ¯) thank you
do not this really painful I'm ,, medicine and that there is no stop the sneezing and runny nose, it really is drowsiness By drank drank medicine The Nara not ... useless Te
it is very different to when needed comfortably even only when you are at home. I'm glad I bought. .

Certainly I do not may be useful if there is, it is not without those you can buy so much Hui I air cleaner?
ANATA I thought! I would like to recommend what to such you are, this site that I had made ​​a successful bid the Toyotomi AC-V20 discount.
By all means, try to go ♪

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Staple food is a side dish with rice bread !!

This CM, There Was hey ... (distant eyes)
But these days,

Rice bread !!

I wonder your head is pan, that tsukkomi aside.
I'm a true !! rice I came a time when become bread !!
it because here thanks ↓↓

Gopan !! dangerous bread !!
rice - yet tasty baked bread with ~ (*'∀ `*) in the Ouchi
still freshly baked bread is delicious. It is up to you are impressed each morning.
Of which I Grandpa are eating brown rice doing care to health, but I'm burnt bread in brown rice ... this is also good !!
but I I was exclusively white rice faction, brown rice also delicious After the pan ... !! feeling What, home of brown rice is excessive demand now (laughs) grandpa I'm sorry ... ('· ω · `)

But you are talking with Toka Friends
"morning rice school? bread school?"
I can no longer know how should I answer if it comes in like a story (laughs)
when such,
it "is Gopan faction and (` · ω · ') Kiritsu "
Tsu It is cool but if you answered Te - (laughs) (laughs)

Gopan, it's now at one time super-topic. My home ,, was ablation at the stage of reservation
mon of here Once you have even released! 'Cause I'm mon ♪ there is Penioku
It to is much cheaper than buy normally.
What Penioku? ? Click here First person that Na !!

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Mendokusa shy Ya Na is simple cuisine classic !! a home
microwave oven is to Sonaruto big success. Anything and everything to make every Chen ~ ♪ When the stomach is empty
luxury breakfast !! the rest of yesterday's dinner Te Attame emergency !! Pochi~tsu ☆

Shi-down ...

This, broken ah ah !!!!! Σ ((((¯ □ ¯ ;;;;;)))))

All in all, I bought.

This Panasonic NE-R3300-R [steam oven range (30L) mahogany red three-star bistro.

Well's a just a microwave oven ... and calm the need was to be fleeting. This is ... awesome !!!

Of course I normally warm function also impeccable as the microwave oven, but can anyway !! rich, yet delicious function other than it
early ^^ much also delicious to time than honest I something to cook in a frying pan to the calyx;
at the same time to be Attame the various ingredients, ☆ is a variation of the table was spread because it also comes with recipes that take advantage of the many features
in personally, outside grill function fall also oil to the medium and crisp possible to the juicy favorite. What body fat is I tail around anxious ....

!! There was worth it was bought until run out of great satisfaction ^^ summer bonus to the enhancement function
... and I just want to say, but !! fruit of the goods here, I was a discount.
Of course it does not mean that anywhere.
I'll only my favorite here Peniokusaito ♪ ↓↓

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Also anymore end August.
Summer of UV hurt the skin and hair, it would come a negative spiral of time to the turn of the seasons produce a more unstable state! How can you try to (^ q ^)
Este returnable yearn and if women at such time ... but reality is tough.
Also to take money, there is also the place to be or needed a reservation, somehow threshold is high ... the first place such a time there is no ... to busy
to people who suffer Na do Te, I would like to recommend from I here Panasonic EH-SA60 -P Flame! !

Well Well it. You can not do
Yo that I have finally bought. .
Comfortable to use is just "Sugoi! Nanoi!".
Intensive Care in the steam mode when there is time.
Also tired and back day at work, it is a surprise because it is not visible to your skin Purupuru ... honest eyes the next morning by simply pressing one switch "Nanoi" did not think that work so far before going to bed.
I thing you are sleeping time I is Somehow long. Kke the third of life was sleep.
It is certainly convinced of the effect when I think the time to be'm much has been Este.
Even hair that has become flaky and burnt on the day the like have come to clean, and "I became a hair clean. Beauty salon did you go?" The friend I met the other day What a said to or ^^
driving sound also so quiet sleep Even It is attractive not interfere with the ♪

"But even cheaper than how much attending Este, high do think it - when it comes buy"
Do not think Nante?
In fact, just here talking about, it's a mess bargain and buy ↓ site.
In if there is no reason that I can buy! Do not it can be said with pride I ^^; smile
and I had a good shopping Please! Click here for details ↓↓

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40 countries around the world, you know a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner that has been favored by 4 million or more of your home?
it [i Robot automatic vacuum cleaner rumba] is!


And advanced artificial intelligence, three-stage cleaning system to perform three of the operation at the same time work together at a time,
and me to clean all over the room, misses the human eye tends to a small trash,
cleaning human conduct in the sense In was difficult carpet back of lint and ticks also,
Shi~tsu~tsu~tsukkarito removal !! ☆

Its dust removal rate is said to be 99.1% ★

It is possible to also set the cleaning start time for your own life time, also eliminates cleaning forgetting.

And automatically return to the charging connector when the cleaning is completed, start charging!
You ready for the next cleaning ☆

It is no longer a human robot !!

Although I was worried or not to damage the walls and furniture,
and such as a wall approaches is sensed by the sensor,
and so you soften the shock of contact Loosen the automatically speed, really excellent ☆

Even possible ♪♪ able to get cleaned while you are sleeping because the sound is also quiet

I was aware of the existence of the first to find this rumba, but
sounds like it and try to review search are satisfied is already a lot of people ♪

We met rumba, the site that you get at an affordable price is! This
Please try once check if good.

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Actually, because I gave a component to a friend recently, and I was looking for a new component. . .

Since the aim of chic adult room is also remodeling of the room,
the component was also found when I thought Nante-Naa is good adult eyes is, is this !!!

* .. * [Pioneer high-quality audio system component X-Z7] * .. *

And I have to love at first sight for the time being to design!
I music is better listen well, to be Dattari earphones and ipod always friends hand-me-down,
it does not have the attention to there equipment
bass if by force say so much not out firm also good ... (laughs)

But music equipment to detailed friend of "Pioneer, I I I like" is determined here by word of !!!

Since arrived immediately, the impression I have heard ...

Treble is very refreshing · ☆ (I like!)

- But just right bass also not too noticeable ☆

• Even songs on my iPod and USB, compressed sound source is also very high-quality sound ☆

If you connect to a PC using a router to listen Even Internet radio ☆

I like a music amateur, I would not also attractive to comfortably listen ... Tteyuu far?! (Laughs)

Etc. For more information, please in the Pioneer site (laughs)
was in attractive products also are a lot of other, so I will make sure to introduce the site using
Please try by all means except once ☆ ★ ☆
very affordable price I was able to get in, this was a shopping complain to none !!!!

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[Power Saving] is fast six months become a watchword in Japan.
Fan than the air conditioning, it is the summer that has been overcome in all fan ... Nante than the fan, but
everyone, ?? Do you have what clean is
, even if it is said that power saving, speaking of tools that can still easily cleaned, is the vacuum cleaner I'm

This [plasma cluster mounted power head cyclone EC-PX120-R]. However I am recently was get
, I think that it is trying to introduce to you so very a recommended !!


This looks for functionality of stylish vacuum cleaner ...
release ★ plasma cluster ion in the room. With floor-to-air clean!
★ If you turn the knob of filter HEPA clean filter cleaning!
Save Power Save! electric bill to suit ★ on the floor and cleaning work! and ([Power Saving] to you !!!)
etc ...

Suction force is strong, light, easy to clean, exhaust clean ☆, and design ◎◎ ,,,
anyway this vacuum cleaner'll is recommended ♪


節電もできちゃうこの【プラズマクラスター搭載 パワーヘッドサイクロン EC-PX120-R】を今回私が見つけたサイトをご紹介しておきます。よかったらのぞいてみてください☆★ミ



というオシャレな方にオススメなのが【ダイソン エアマルチプライアー】です♪

この【ダイソン エアマルチプライアー】は2010年グッドデザイン大賞受賞★

◎取り込んだ空気を、独自のAir Multiplier™ (エアマルチプライアー) テクノロジーで増幅させ、最大18倍の風量を生み出す♪

でもこの【ダイソン エアマルチプライアー】なら、羽根がないから安心。



そんな私にとって心強い味方になったのがこちらのティファール HB460GJP [スティックミキサー クリック&ミックス ルビーレッドシリーズ]!








こちらのワールドフェイス WF-RL001W、重さも驚きの125g。

そんな超便利!なワールドフェイス WF-RL001W。



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